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Cricket - Overview

With the different types of turf we provide, we offer excellent solutions for:

a) Cricket pitch area (and with variations for fast bowling and spin bowling);

b) Bowling run-up and Fielding area.

These highly proven sports surfaces are ideal for practice facilities where cricketers train over many years as they prevent repetitive-stress injuries that are otherwise caused due to hard and unforgiving ground conditions.

Practice Pitch: The PGF practice pitches, when the fibrillated fibres are installed in one direction provides excellent pace, bounce and carry. When the installation is done with the fibres facing the bowler, it provides excellent grip and therefore purchase to the spin bowlers, while still offering bounce.

Installation at the National Cricket Academy

PGF can be installed Indoors or Outdoors; it can be installed on a cement base or crushed stone sub-base.

Bowling run-up & Fielding Areas :

In most practice facilities, the bowling run-up area (due to extensive usage) is with hardly any grass and the ground is hard and abrasive. With bowlers practicing on such surfaces over years, they develop severe repetitive-stress injuries. And therefore, by the time they are ready to play cricket at a competitive level, they are injury-prone or overall their careers are shorter and with more breaks.

With FieldTurf-Tarkett's revolutionary artificial grass, all these problems are solved comprehensively. This has been engineered specifically for professional (grass-based) sports like football, rugby etc., and replicates all the bio-mechanical properties of a superb grass surface.

We offer 2-3 varieties of the bowling run-up & fielding grass based on specific needs and budgets. All these varieties can be installed either indoors or outdoors; on a hard surface (cement / tile etc) or on normal ground (after sub-base preparation).
Also, unlike most artificial grass systems, even metal spikes can be used on the monofilament.

Due to the hard and bare grounds in most cricket practice areas, fielding techniques like the slide-n-stop, diving etc., are normally not practiced. With the artificial grass from FieldTurf - Tarkett, players can now confidently dive, slide or practice any fielding technique without any fear of injuries.

When used outdoors, an other important benefit from an administrator point of view is that the FieldTurf - Tarkett grass drains rain water (or any water) very quickly.usually faster than it can even rain. So, no playing time is lost due to a wet, damp or soggy playing area.

Thus overall, the product choices from FieldTurf-Tarkett provides for an all-round solution in terms of the playing surfaces and ensuring not only the highest quality of play, but also the safest and long-lasting system.

What our clients say:
"The performance of the product has exceeded our expectations even after 2 years of intensive usage by India "A", Ranji Teams and budding cricketers. The immense value you bring through your advice and professional interaction is appreciated by all of us. We whole-heartedly recommend FieldTurf and SMPL for anyone considering the use of artificial grass."

Mr. Vidyuth Jaisimha
former 1st Class Cricketer & now Director, M.L.Jaisimha Academy, Hyderabad

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